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How Do I Pay My Bills If I Am Out Of Work in Arizona Due To COVID-19?

In response to COVID-19, the Governor or the State of Arizona issued a stay-at-home order for our residents in March 2020 to help contain the risk of infection. The order here, and many like it throughout the country, resulted in business closures that put thousands of people out of work.

Fast forward to July 2020, and COVID-19 cases continue to rise as the state reports thousands of new cases each day, leading to new highs in emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

As the data pours in, the reality of getting back to work safely is in question for our Pima County residents who are struggling to strike a balance between keeping their families safe and paying their bills.

Our Tucson bankruptcy attorney, Eric Ollason, has a few tips for working with creditors while pursuing safe financial alternatives during this increasingly difficult time.

If Your Job Has Been Impacted by COVID-19, Apply for Unemployment in Arizona

If your position has been impacted by COVID-19, and you are no longer able to work because of layoffs, business closures, and other consequences of the pandemic, apply for unemployment benefits in Arizona to help supplement your income.

Even temporary benefits can help provide some economic stability during this unprecedented health crisis.

Outline Your Finances To Understand Your Current & Future Position

Currently, it may seem as though there is no end to the pandemic in sight. And honestly, no one is providing a positive outlook that says any differently.

As we all deal with the reality of this virus and its staying power, it is important to take a good, hard look at our finances to see when the money will run out. For some, that is already the case.

This means having to make serious and difficult decisions regarding who gets paid and who does not.

Priority payments can include making:

  • Rent or Mortgage Payments

If you are unable to make rent, research the available resources outlined by our Arizona Governor, to see what type of assistance you qualify for. If you are unable to pay your mortgage, talk to a representative from your bank to determine what options are available for your circumstances.

  • Car Payments

Many lenders have extended their terms for past due car payments, but you will need to continue making payments as expected to avoid repossession. While there are very few places to go right now, your car is an important part of your independence and ability to work (when it is time again).

  • Utility Payments

Since you are safer at home, it is important to stay up to date on your utility bills, so your electricity, water, and other important needs remain connected. If you are having trouble making utility payments or cannot afford a utility deposit, contact the Arizona Department of Economic Stability for utility assistance.

Contact Your Creditors To Learn How They Can Help

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is not simply an Arizona problem, lenders across the country understand what a difficult time this is for their customers.

While every creditor’s position is unique, most may have the ability to help you navigate this trying time by providing solutions you did not know existed.

If you are having trouble paying your creditors, have an honest conversation with one of their representatives to see how they can help.

That includes pursuing solutions for:

  • Credit cards
  • Unsecured and personal loans
  • Student loans
  • Medical bills

Once you outline the amount of money you have coming in versus each bill you have to pay, you will have a better understanding of your financial overview.

Then you can start making informed decisions about moving forward.

How Can Eric Ollason Help Provide Financial Solutions for Me & My Family?

Despite your best efforts, the financial fallout from COVID-19 may leave you and your family in a very difficult position that is seemingly impossible to recover from without steady work that is safe to accomplish.

When things go beyond your control, we may be able to provide practical and customized solutions that will help you move forward with confidence.

Those solutions can include:

If you have questions about your debts and believe you are going to find yourself in serious financial trouble as a result of this pandemic, contact our Tucson, Arizona bankruptcy attorney, Eric Ollason, today by calling (520) 791-2707 or (520) 389-5241 to discuss your case during a free consultation. We are all in this together, and we want to help you create solutions that will allow you to breathe easy again.

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