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Small Business Debt Attorney In Tucson, Arizona

Small Business Debt Attorney in Tucson - Eric Ollason Attorney at Law

Protecting Your Right to Discharge Small Business Debt

Small business owners may not know that the bankruptcy laws covering individual debt also apply to them. Oftentimes, that prevents hard-working entrepreneurs from protecting their rights and keeping their company operating. At the law office of Eric Ollason, we understand the challenges that Tucson businesses face in a tough economy. We provide them with the factual information and compassionate advocacy they need.

If you are a businessperson overwhelmed with unsecured debt, you do have the right to discharge the money owed through a bankruptcy filing. Contact attorney Eric Ollason at our Arizona-based law firm at (520) 791-2707.

Do Not Put Your Business Operations at Risk

At the law office of Eric Ollason, we provide area business owners peace of mind. Far too much is at stake when a company is facing serious financial problems. The sweat and actual equity that went into building a business from the ground up is at risk. Misconceptions that business debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy only make matters worse.

You Can Discharge Unsecured Business Debt

If you have unsecured debt as part of your business, you can discharge it under bankruptcy. In most cases, the same rules apply to business debt as they do for personal debt. Business credit cards and other loans not attached to any security can be included. Different rules exist for secured debt on a building or company car. We can help you resolve those issues as well.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Tucson bankruptcy law firm regarding debt restructuring for your small business, please contact us.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

If you are in crisis, you need help. You need compassion and education on the following:

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