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The Unique Bankruptcy Client-Attorney Relationship Produces Real Results in Arizona

Our skilled bankruptcy attorney in Tucson, Eric Ollason, understands that deciding to file for bankruptcy in Arizona is a deeply personal choice that requires a complete assessment of your finances. We also understand that the last thing most people want to talk about is their finances — especially when they are overwhelmed by debt.

That is why our Tucson bankruptcy attorney provides customized legal representation for each of our client’s bankruptcy journey, so they can make informed decisions and maintain control of the details — so their post-bankruptcy life begins with an educated approach to ensuring financial success.

Our Tucson Bankruptcy Attorney is Your Ally and Financial Advocate

When your financial standing is compromised by debt, your personal and professional life will also be affected by the threats from creditors and sleepless nights worrying about what you are going to do next.

One of the first things we do as your bankruptcy attorney is identify your complete debts, so we can begin creating solutions that help get your life back on track.

We understand the challenges individuals and married couples face when turning to bankruptcy and provide a strong stance against the creditors, so they can route their calls to our law office and leave our clients in peace.

Trust is an Important Component of Each Client’s Bankruptcy Journey

When you decide to file bankruptcy, our skilled attorney is going to need quite a bit of personal information from you. That means you must trust us with the truth.

You are more than a list of income, assets, and debts. You are a person who needs help outlining their future for success. We can help.

But first, we will need to know about monthly expenditures that you may think are insignificant. We also need to know about any support or financial help you have received in the past, and any outstanding loans that you owe to friends, family, or businesses — no matter how large or small.

The more details we have, the more successful we can be inside and outside the courtroom, which requires absolute openness by the client. We will gently walk you through the process, so you can realistically assess your overall financial circumstances and start reviewing your bankruptcy options without delay.

Can I File Bankruptcy Without an Attorney in Arizona?

We are often asked if it is possible to file for bankruptcy without an attorney in Arizona, and the answer is yes.

You certainly can file for bankruptcy on your own. But I would not recommend it.

The bankruptcy process requires experience, education, and relationships inside and outside the courtroom to pursue success, which is exactly what an experienced Tucson bankruptcy attorney will provide.

Your attorney will also oversee successfully meeting each filing deadline and ensuring the paperwork is completed to the letter of the law, so your case moves forward and is not denied.

Outside of the legal reasons, a compassionate bankruptcy attorney will ease your anxiety about filing for bankruptcy, so you can get your life back and embrace the vision of your financial future.

Contact our experienced bankruptcy attorney in Pima County, Eric Ollason, to learn more about your legal rights and options to start fresh by calling (520) 791-2707 today to schedule a free consultation.


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