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What Documents Are Needed to File for Bankruptcy Protection in Arizona?

Eric Ollason, our bankruptcy attorney in Tucson, works closely with our Arizona residents to ensure everyone who is struggling financially, and is considering filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 protection, has access to the resources they need to make informed decisions about their futures.

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. What is more, each person’s bankruptcy options are unique to their financial and personal needs, which may require immediate filing or planning for a future filing after a divorce.

Whether you need to wait or want to file right away, there are several documents you can start gathering that will help outline your case for success.

Here is what you will need to share with our skilled Tucson bankruptcy attorney.

Valid Forms of Identification

To file for bankruptcy in Arizona, each person must present their driver’s license or state ID card, passport, or another form of government-issued identification and social security card or original W-2 with your social security number present on the form.

This not only confirms your identity for filing purposes but ensures the proper credit report is pulled by using the social security number listed on your official government-issued record.

Proof of All Forms of Income

All forms of income will be factored into your ability to qualify for bankruptcy in Arizona.

Whether you work for an employer or own your own business, you will need to submit proof of income dating back six months.

Providing up-to-date, accurate information will ensure your income to debt ratio is property calculated for filing purposes.

All Bank Account Statements

Whether you have a single bank account or several even if there is no or little money in each you must provide the full account numbers for all your accounts, including those closed within the past year.

Any Existing Loan Documentation

There are many types of loans that may be impacted by bankruptcy, including mortgages, personal loans, vehicle loans or leases, and student loans.

Potential bankruptcy filers should obtain the most recent statement on each loan’s balance.

This also allows our bankruptcy attorney to have a more accurate representation of your total debt, which will factor into your income to debt ratio.

Retirement & Investment Account Records

If you have a pension or 401(k), they may be protected during the bankruptcy proceedings but must still be outlined in the petition.

Two Years of Tax Returns Documents

When filing bankruptcy in Arizona, you must present the past two years of tax returns in their entirety to the trustee. Be aware, he or she may request additional years after the initial review.

Divorce Documentation, When Applicable

Divorce is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy filings in Arizona and throughout the country.

If your ex-spouse is named as a co-debtor on certain accounts, our Tucson bankruptcy attorney will require access to your divorce orders to draft your petition.

If you have been ordered to pay child support as part of your divorce, we will need a copy of the court order for that expenditure as well.

Any existing child support payments and garnishments will not be halted by the bankruptcy’s Automatic Stay, nor will arrearages be discharged in your bankruptcy.

If You Need Help Preparing the Documentation for Your Bankruptcy Filing, Contact Our Attorney for a Free Consultation Today

Depending on your unique bankruptcy filing needs, there may be additional documents required to prepare your case. We will discuss your unique circumstances and outline the proper documentation you will need to swiftly pursue your claim.

Contact our experienced bankruptcy attorney in Pima County, Eric Ollason, to learn more about your legal rights and options to start fresh by calling 520-791-2707 to schedule a free consultation today.

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