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Recent Blog Posts

How Can Small Business Owners Avoid Bankruptcy After a Difficult 2020?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

Our small business bankruptcy attorney in Tucson, Eric Ollason understands how difficult 2020 was — and how challenging 2021 may still be — for our local businesses that had to close and/or lay off employees because of the pandemic. As a result of nationwide closure mandates, including those in Arizona, Bloomberg reported predictions that small business… Read More »

Can My Arizona Small Business File for Bankruptcy After Receiving PPP Loans and EIDL Loans?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

More than one year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic surged across communities in the U.S., forcing many businesses to drastically restrict their services or shutter completely. Faced with the unknown, business owners were confronted with the fact that the companies they worked so hard to build may not make it through the mandated quarantine closures… Read More »

Do I Have to Pay Taxes On Unemployment Compensation in Arizona?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

Like most people throughout the country, our Arizona residents were hopeful that 2021 would bring relief from an unprecedented year that disrupted nearly every part of our lives, including dealing a major blow to employees who could no longer work because of the shutdowns, or who were laid off or even let go entirely… Read More »

What are the Common Warning Signs that May Lead to Bankruptcy in Arizona?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

Eric Ollason, our bankruptcy attorney in Tucson, Arizona, understands that 2020 was an unprecedented and difficult year physically, emotionally, financially, or possibly some combination of all three, for nearly everyone in Pima County. As we move into 2021, we are all taking things we learned from the previous year with us, hopefully for the… Read More »

Can an Arizona Bankruptcy Clear My Credit Card Debt?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

According to, more than any other type of debt, including medical debts, loans, or mortgages, 11% of Americans said they were “very stressed” about credit card debt as of September 2020. Our bankruptcy attorney in Tucson, Eric Ollason, understands that many of our residents were, and many still are, out of work because… Read More »

When is the Right Time to File for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

Eric Ollason, our bankruptcy attorney in Tucson, helps individuals and families in our community discover the bankruptcy options that are right for their unique needs after suffering financial collapse due to job loss, divorce, and medical requirements, so they can seek a clean slate. Assisting our Pima County residents with debt relief or reorganization… Read More »

How Can I Improve My Credit Score After Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

Chances are, if you are behind on your bills because of a job loss or layoff, divorce or medical catastrophe, your credit score has taken a hit from insufficient payments on your credit cards, medical bills, car payments, or even your mortgage. If you are out of work due to COVID-19 closures or are… Read More »

How Can I Financially Recover from Overwhelming Medical Debt in Arizona?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

A recent academic research study found that just over 66% of all bankruptcies were tied to combined medical issues, including the high cost of healthcare and the time one must spend away from work — without any income — to address their medical condition. The research stated an estimated 530,000 families turn to bankruptcy… Read More »

What Can I Do If My Bank Account Has Been Garnished in Arizona?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

With so many of our residents suffering from layoffs, reduced hours, or partial wages, it may already be difficult to pay your monthly expenses, as we are living in critically challenging financial times. Suddenly, when checking your bank account balance, you notice there has been a significant debit from your balance, and you begin… Read More »

How Do I Pay My Bills If I Am Out Of Work in Arizona Due To COVID-19?

By Eric Ollason Attorney At Law |

In response to COVID-19, the Governor or the State of Arizona issued a stay-at-home order for our residents in March 2020 to help contain the risk of infection. The order here, and many like it throughout the country, resulted in business closures that put thousands of people out of work. Fast forward to July… Read More »

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